Iron Man 3

For the third instalment of the Iron Man film series we completed over 100 shots in just eight weeks, ranging from composites to digital matte paintings and full CG environments.

One key sequence we worked on involved a gun battle between Tony Stark (Downey Jr.), Lt. James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) and the “Extremis” villains. The foreground live action footage of the gunman firing down towards Stark and Rhodes was subtly warped and manipulated to ease it into the correct angle. This ensured it fitted with the final shot perspective. As well as adding muzzle flashes to the villain’s machine gun, we warped his hand and arm to give a realistic ricochet to the gun recoil. We then added the background green screen element, which also required delicate warping to nest it in to the full digital crane gantry, blending the live action and the CG walkways together. In the final composite, we added practical SFX smoke plates from our library and a small amount of secondary animation for additional motion. This is subtle, but necessary for continuity across the scene. Spot light beams were also generated in Nuke.

This is Cinesite’s first Marvel film, and we very much look forward to many more in the future.