For the 23rd instalment in the James Bond franchise, Skyfall, we were awarded four main visual effects sequences that showcase our award-winning environment and creature techniques.

The most complex aspect of our work was the creation of a full CG Komodo dragon; the first CG creature in a Bond film. After a skuffle in a Shanghai casino, Bond and baddie Tank fall into a pit populated by the Dragons. Our creatures team modelled a photo-real dragon and composited it into the live-action plate. The scene was further enhanced with the addition of CG dust and gravel that mirrored the action within the pit.

In addition to the Komodo dragon, we were responsible for sequences staged on the London Underground, creating digital environments and set extensions to complement the production’s physical set and enhance the high-octane chases through London’s iconic Underground network. For the underground train crash sequence, we added a CG train to some shots and performed various clean ups to augment the look and feel of the physical set and spectacular practical stunts.