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How Cinesite is Empowering Artists Through Education: A Look at Michal Makarewicz’s Masterclass

Cinesite recently hosted a masterclass by Michal Makarewicz, a renowned animator and director at our studio  in Montreal on April 21st. This event strengthened  Cinesite’s commitment to equipping its artists with top-quality training resources, enabling them to excel in their field. By organising such an opportunity, Cinesite reinforced its dedication to empowering its artists with […]

Joel MacDonald named Supervising Producer at Cinesite and featured in “People on the Move”.

Acknowledging the achievements of our peers is crucial to our professional growth. It not only showcases our endorsement and motivation towards our colleagues but also motivates us to aim for higher accomplishments. We are delighted to hear about Joel MacDonald’s recognition in “People On the Move” for his unwavering determination and diligence. This acknowledgment serves […]

The ribbon highlights the World Autism Awareness Day that took place on April 2nd

Embracing neurodiversity – learning together

Cinesite is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and that includes embracing neurodiversity. As April, the month of Autism and Neurodiversity Awareness month comes to a close, Cinesite’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisors take a look at what neurodiversity means and shares some fascinating resources. This month’s recognition of Autism and Neurodiversity has given us […]