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Cinefex: Into the Storm – Visual Effects

Cinesite were tasked with completing work on a variety of sequences throughout the show. “We worked on twisters, building destruction, environment enhancement and clean up,” said Simon Stanley-Clamp, Visual Effects Supervisor at Cinesite. “These sequences had been started by another facility.” Among the sequences worked on by Cinesite was one in which the principle characters […]

Computer Graphics World: Cinesite Builds an Empire

24 March 2014 Cinesite VFX Supervisor Richard Clarke worked closely with production VFX Supervisor John “DJ” Des Jardin to create epic 2.5D and 3D environments, including ancient Athens, Sparta, and shoreline encampment shots for the film 300: Rise of an Empire. 300: Rise of an Empire is a follow-up to the 2006 film  300 , […]

Computer Arts: Self Promotion, Cinesite Full of Beans

Even established and well-respected companies are turning to more viral means of promotion. In an increasingly competitive environment, where effects budgets are being squeezed more than ever before, visual effects house Cinesite decided it needed a way to showcase its artists’ work in a more engaging way than the usual showreel of impressive but rather […]