Upcoming Events

View Conference 2021

17-22 October 2021
Speaking – Mila: The Unconventional Production Journey
Director Cinzia Angelini, along with Cinesite Feature Animation’s global head of production Tamara Boutcher and visual effects supervisor Nate Barnard, takes audiences through the incredible production journey of the animated short, MILA.

This presentation will touch on the film’s inception and unique development, how it came to be picked up by Cinesite Feature Animation and integrated into a big-studio pipeline, and the artistic and technical challenges Cinesite artists overcame to bring the film to its finish line.

SPARK animation

28 October – 7 November 2021
Speaking – TBD
As a sponsor of Spark, Cinesite will be recruiting in a virtual online booth at the event.  We are also currently in discussion with Spark about a possible presentation, which we hope to announce soon.