Upcoming Events

TROJAN HORSE WAS A UNICORN (THU), 19-24 September, Portugal

THU is a unique six-day event that will take place in Portugal from 19 to 24 September. The event gathers all players of the industry in the same place, to spend an entire week connecting with no egos, no VIPs, and no formalities.

Cinesite’s Head of Assets & Visual Development Madeleine Scott-Spencer has been named as one of the 44 world-class speakers (THU call them Knights) for this year’s edition. Details of Maddie’s THU activities can be found below, you can find out more about attending THU here

Wednesday 21st Sept 09:30-10:45 CET, Creature Ideation & Realisation for the World of Witcher Season 2

In this presentation, Madeleine Spencer will present key elements from the Cinesite pipeline in the realisation of two creatures from the Witcher Season 2, The Basilisk and the Chernobog. Considered design is the cornerstone of every iconic creature.  Each aspect of the pipeline, from start to finish, should be guided by a consistent notion of shape language, colour palette, and anatomy, whilst remaining adaptable to the inherent changes between concept and final on-screen beast.   Focusing on informative case studies from Cinesite’s concept driven asset pipeline, in this presentation Madeleine will break down how the artists at Cinesite make this happen.

Thursday 22nd Sept 11:00 am – 12:15 pm CET, 1 hour of Live Digital Sculpting by Maddie

Friday 23rd Sept 09:30 – 11:30 CET, Sculpting a character head using Z brush software

In this workshop Maddie will guide you through industry standard practices of creature sculpting used by her on films such as The Hobbit, Pacific Rim 2, and the series Witcher Season 2. She will discuss the fundamentals of shape language and design and how to apply these ideas to the process of creating complex and compelling creatures for the film and game industry. She will discuss theory as well as hands on tools and techniques to bring your creature designs to life.


SPARK ANIMATION, October 27-November 6, Vancouver & online

The 2022 edition of SPARK ANIMATION is a hybrid event with both in-person and online events. Online programming will be available to stream worldwide from 27 October to 30 November 2022. Cinesite will be presenting a production session ‘From Blazing Samurai to Paws of Fury: The legend reborn’ more details to follow soon.