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CG Society: Coordinating Another Alien Invasion

CGsociety’s Paul Hellard gets a look in on Cinesite’s work for the Battle: Los Angeles. The film follows a marine platoon that’s battling against an alien invasion. Cinesite’s Ben Shepherd was that facility’s VFX Supervisor, responsible for a tally of 110 shots. There was also a fair bit of asset swapping between the studios too. […]

Televisual: Cinesite’s Battle Ready VFX

Sony/Columbia’s new Jonathan Liebesman directed disaster movie Battle: Los Angeles centres on a series of striking visual effects from Cinesite. The VFX giant created many of the film’s intricately detailed battle sequences as well as the Commander Alien character. Liebesman chose Cinesite after seeing its work on HBO’s Generation Kill and being impressed by the […]

Studio Daily: Animating Narnia’s Evil Green Mist

One of the magical elements of the latest Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is a menacing green mist that preys on characters’ vulnerabilities and takes advantage of their weaknesses and desires. As one character puts it, “It seeks to corrupt all goodness – to steal the light from this world.” It fell […]

Cinefex: Sea Quest

The Dawn Treader arrives at its first port of call, Lone Island, which consisted of Australian plate photography enhanced with digital matte paintings and environment work supplied by Cinesite and the production’s in-house visual effects team. The crew disembarks at the quayside, constructed as a partial set in Brisbane, which Cinesite matte painter Sevendalino Khay […]