CFX Supervisor

Cinesite Vancouver is currently seeking a CFX Supervisor to join our team.  If you want to join a fast-paced studio, apply now!

Our CFX team

At Cinesite Vancouver, the CFX department are responsible for creating hair and fur grooming a hair and cloth simulations. In CFX we look for a good understanding of hair, cloth and fur with the ability to work in a technical and creative environment. As well as working collaboratively as a team, we work closely with other departments. Groom artists work closely with the modeling, rigging and surfacing departments. Hair and cloth artists work closely with the animation, modeling and lighting departments.

If this all sounds like a role for you, apply!

What you will be doing

  • Supervises the team of CFX artists
  • Train new hires on the pipeline and workflows
  • Review artists’ work and provide constructive and respectful feedback
  • Support artists to develop professionally and provide opportunities for discussion and feedback
  • Manage employee performance, development and employee relations and communicate with HR
  • Write technical documentation for others to use and refer to
  • Ensure all work is quality-checked before moving shots and assets up the pipeline
  • Work with the pipeline team in building and improving tools and workflows
  • Communicate technical and creative notes to all levels

What you bring to the team

  • Broad knowledge for problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Efficient time management and strong understanding of resource management
  • Proficient in Maya Nucleus, as well as a good understanding of the rest of the Maya pipeline
  • In depth understanding of hair, cloth and groom terminology and pipeline
  • In depth understanding of Physics and motion dynamics
  • Good knowledge of scripting
  • Excellent eye for detail and continuity
  • Expert in creating and maintain rigs for hair and cloth that the characters
  • Expert in setting up, modeling and animating hair, fur and cloth

P.S. Our studio/company is built on respect and inclusion – it is a safe place for all to come to work. No jerks allowed!