Environment Supervisor

Cinesite is looking to recruit Environment Supervisor to work as part of our London team.

The role:

The Environment Supervisor is responsible for the creation of environment based vfx work at Cinesite. This role is vital to ensure that relevant development of new and existing production friendly and efficient techniques will take place so that all associated environment work are completed to the exacting standards expected of high end feature films.”

The Environment Supervisor is expected to lead by example in a hands-on role and be able to define and implement environment pipelines both show specific and company wide.

The Environment Supervisor must work closely with the VFX, CG, Layout, Assets Supervisors, and in conjunction with the VFX Producer and 2D Supervisor determine approaches to environment work. They will also be involved during the bidding stages of projects in order to advise on efficient and appropriate techniques, and to play an active role in pitch, pre and postviz work where appropriate to environments. In addition, working in conjunction with Head of VFX Technology and Head of CG Technology to implement pipeline and procedures during post-production for the environment teams.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Communicate effectively with clients, colleagues and management; keeping them apprised of the status of environment work on all shows in house, issues to be tackled and ramifications of problems, team issues and general day-to-day operations. Attend internal and client meetings as and when required.
  • Overall responsibility for the environment team and environment work produced at Cinesite. Work in conjunction with the VFX Supervisors, CG Supervisors and 2D Supervisors to plan the creative approach to the environment work both facility wide and on a show by show specific basis. In many cases, this means creating “plates” to be used by artists in house.  Show specific approaches will ultimately be decided by the VFX Supervisor.
  • Liaising with the relevant people and being responsible for agreeing and formalising the procedure and training to support environment vfx work at Cinesite.  These procedures to be followed by artists within the environment team including those artists that join the environments team as part of the overall vfx post production team. These procedures and pipelines must be documented, maintained and rolled out appropriately.
  • Develop new techniques and workflows that will continue to give Cinesite efficient and flexible solutions to environment work.
  • Accurately bid for environment shot work, flagging any development/R&D requirements.  Provide assumptions in all cases.  Keep own documentation/records of meetings and ensure that all technical issues are flagged that data can be re-used for budgeting purposes.  Seek out and use detail from previous shows to aid future bidding show efficiencies.
  • Participate when required in the budget process for the show resourcing and scheduling of environment work.  Responsible and accountable for delivering to guidelines set during this phase.
  • Whilst expected to work across multiple shows in house, the Environments Supervisor must communicate effectively with individual Production teams in order to maintain a reasonable balance of environment resource, company wide.
  • Supervise the Environment team throughout the creative and technical process to deliver a high standard of work on time and within budget. Find creative solutions by drawing on team talent and manage shot allocation to the appropriate skill set.
  • On larger projects delegate appropriate responsibility to key Environment leads, whilst maintaining overall responsibility for the environment team across all shows.
  • Liaise with crewing when planning future projects, recruiting for and reducing the Environment team, participating in the hiring process and performance reviews for the environment team.
  • To advise on new techniques and/or software in relation to environment work in vfx at Cinesite.
  • In accordance with Cinesite’s Environment pipeline as defined by the Environment Supervisor, support the training of CG artists, Matte Painters and Compositors working within the environment department.
  • Responsible for bringing all technical and show related Environment issues to the attention of the Forum for discussion.  Play an active role in designing pipelines, problem solving and suggesting future development ideas and feeding back all relative information to the Environment team.
  • Develop new techniques and workflows that will continue to give Cinesite efficient and flexible solutions to environment work.

We’d like to talk to you if you have the following:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proven experience of creating environments and matte paintings for feature films using Nuke / Photoshop/ Maya. A good working knowledge of professional 3D software, renderers, lighting and projection techniques.
  • Understanding of Mari, Substance Designer/Painter, Gaffer/Katana.
  • Previous experience in a supervisory position would be an advantage.
  • Have an up-to-date experience in servicing the VFX Post Production facilities. This includes a professional fluency in using relevant software applications and hardware apparatus to better support Post Production VFX requirements.
  • You must have experience of working on high end and complex projects within a film post-production environment.
  • It is essential to have excellent communication skills and project management skills.
  • Be self motivated.
  • Be able to work under pressure and remain calm.

What can we offer?

Cinesite offers a positive, creative environment where the world’s leading animation and effects artists are encouraged and supported to develop and produce challenging, cutting-edge, award-winning work.

We work as a collective, where excellence, expertise and expression are valued by all; where we collaborate with some of the world’s leading creative thinkers and produce work to which we are proud to put our name.

If you want to be part of the Cinesite story, please submit your application as an online submission via this website. If your candidacy is successful, you will be contacted shortly. If your application is not retained for this position, it will stay on file for future opportunities.