Environment TD

The Addams Family is missing a family member: an Environment TD is urgently required to groom foliage and the landscape. Their former landscaper got into some shenanigans with Uncle Fester and, well, here we are.  Wait until you see their house and the “lawn”! It’s epic!

For this particular role, we are seeking an artist with a strong background in foliage modeling and assembly, who also has a great sense of composition and attention to detail.


  • Partner with the CG Supervisor, Production Designer, Modeling and Surfacing/LookDev teams to assist in developing the Xgen environment pipeline as well as proprietary tools.
  • Work with the CG Supervisor and other departmental supervisors to create assets that meet the creative requirements of the Director and Production Designer’s vision and also feed well into the downstream departments.
  • In conjunction with creating the root set assets, work at shot level in a final dressing pass to make sure each shot looks its best.
  • Develop and document workflows and train other artists as required.
  • Recognize and report issues that will prevent deadlines from being met on time and propose effective solutions.

Experience, Skills & Abilities:

  • 3+ years of production experience.
  • Expert competency with Maya and experience with Xgen or other procedural foliage and dressing solutions.
  • Understanding of downstream software dependencies such as Katana and Renderman.
  • Creative eye for compositions and effective use of filling backgrounds with set dressing density without taking over the scene/distracting from hero action.
  • Skilled at problem-solving with the ability to thrive under pressure.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Degree in fine arts, computer science or equivalent experience is a plus.
  • Ability to write code and assist in tool/pipeline R&D development is another plus.
  • Experience with Shotgun Tracking Software/Toolkit is a, you got it, plus.


P.S. Our studio/company is built on respect and inclusion – it is a safe place for all to come to work. No jerks allowed!

P.P.S. Cinesite Vancouver is committed to improving our gender balance. At present, we are at 38% women/femme-identifying folk. It’s not yet 50/50. We will keep striving.