Fix Artist/Shot Finaler

Cinesite Vancouver is looking for an Fix Artist/Shot Finaler to join us on our creepy and kooky animated theatrical feature film, The Addams Family.

The Fix Artist/Shot Finaler at Cinesite Vancouver is a position geared for an artist with a solid discipline in the ‘Principles of Animation’ and an advanced user of Maya.  This artist will both utilize in shot solutions for character and shot finaling outside of the baseline rigs but also address fix requests from other departments of the shot pipeline. This position will be integral to resolving all possible shot issues prior rendering.  Although cloth and hair simulation will not be part of your daily duties, there will be fixes going both in and out of the CFX department.  You will also be working closely with the Final Layout department in assessing shots for continuity and manifest accuracy.

The ideal candidate has incredible organizational skills, is an excellent communicator, an efficient problem solver, have some animation background and have a keen eye for compositional aesthetic.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assess and repair creatively approved animated assets so that they meet the creative/technical requirements for downstream departments (floating, crashing, pops, abnormal deformation, jitters, etc)
  • In shot solutions for creative/technical requirements outside of rig capabilities to be applied and creatively reviewed (custom environment deformations, character deformations, etc.)
  • Assist with the QC process of shots moving through the shot pipeline
  • Analyze submitted media against all previous pipeline steps ensuring all is accounted for and that it meets all requirements before moving down the pipe
  • Flag and properly report/ticket all discovered issues outside of your scope and prepare scene handoffs to other departments for further assessment and repair
  • Prepare scenes for kickbacks to other departments if the scope of work required is excessive to your skillset
  • Document work performed on each shot
  • Flag repeat fix requirements and propose solutions
  • Recognize and report issues that will prevent deadlines from being met in a timely fashion

Skills & Requirements:

  • Degree in fine arts, computer science or equivalent experience a plus
  • 2+ years of production experience interacting with a feature pipeline
  • Expert knowledge of Maya is great with good understanding of downstream dependencies in Nuke, Katana, Houdini and Renderman/Arnold
  • Experience with Shotgun a plus
  • Highly motivated with the ability to work under pressure
  • Strong communication skills and ability to prioritize effectively