FX Supervisor

Cinesite Vancouver is currently seeking an FX Supervisor to join our team in June.  If you want to join a fast-paced studio, apply now!

Our FX team

At Cinesite Vancouver, the FX department is responsible for the simulation and animation of all types of effects. In FX we look for a balance of technical and artistic skills. As well as working collaboratively as a team, we work closely with the lighting department.

If this all sounds like a role for you, apply!

What you will be doing

  • Train new hires on the pipeline and workflows
  • Review artists’ work and provide constructive and respectful feedback
  • Support artists to develop professionally and provide opportunities for discussion and feedback
  • Write technical documentation for others to use and refer to
  • Ensure all work is quality-checked before moving shots and assets up the pipeline
  • Track, assign and manage shot deadlines with production
  • Create a positive and safe work environment
  • Work with the pipeline team in building and improving tools and workflows
  • Collaborate with other departments for optimization, solving issues and ensuring continuity
  • Communicate technical and creative notes to all levels

What you bring to the team

  • Broad knowledge for problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Efficient time management and strong understanding of resource management
  • Solid organizational skills
  • Proficient in Houdini
  • Expert at creating high quality digital elements and simulations (fire, smoke, water, bubbles, dust, particles etc.)
  • Expert at creating setups, rigs and assets to be used by others: HDA’s, shading, render and lighting setups, establish simulation parameters
  • Excellent at establishing standards of deliverable caches and/or image files
  • Excellent eye for detail and continuity
  • General knowledge of Nuke
  • In depth understanding of lighting as it pertains to the FX department
  • In depth understanding of simulation and render tasks on the farm to ensure efficient use of resources

Cinesite Vancouver welcomes and encourages applications from people who require accommodations. Reasonable accommodations may be requested for reasons related to mental health, physical disability, religious practices, medical conditions etc.

P.S. Our studio/company is built on respect and inclusion – it is a safe place for all to come to work. No jerks allowed!