Senior FX TD


HOURS OF WORK: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, but required to work whatever hours it takes to ensure performance of duties and responsibilities

BASIC FUNCTION: The main focus is to create all types of effects including but not limited to fire, smoke, fluids and explosions. As a senior, you will also be expected to guide and assist the more junior effects TDs


  • Generate effects such as fire, smoke, mist, explosions, destruction or bespoke show effects as required, using particles, fluids or rigid body dynamics simulations in Houdini. Develop new tools for productions as required.
  • Ensure a high quality final look, through close collaboration with the show supervisors and producers, and through guiding and leading the more junior crew members on the show.
  • Work with your immediate team and with the seniors, supervisors and producers on a show to meet deadlines for delivery.
  • Set the technical lead for the effects work on the show that you are assigned to, and manage any crew that may be assigned to you as a team. You will be expected to help supervise their work on a day to day basis.

SKILLS REQUIRED (brackets are non-essential but preferred):

  • Software:  Strong previous experience in generating effects using Houdini
  • Experience in creating effects such as fire, smoke, fluids, destruction or other similar effects.
  • Thorough understanding of simulation techniques and technologies relating to effects.
  • Ability to manage a team when necessary and solve shot specific issues independently.
  • Operating Systems Linux
  • Languages: VEX, Python, basic cshell scripting, Perl, C++
  • 6+ years of previous film industry experience



Cinesite offers a positive, creative environment where the world’s leading animation and effects artists are encouraged and supported to develop and produce challenging, world leading, award winning work.

If you want to be part of the Cinesite story, please submit your application as an online submission via this website. If your candidacy is successful, you will be contacted shortly, if it is not retained for this position it will stay on file for future opportunities.