Diversity & Inclusion


Cinesite stands for inclusion, equality, and equity for all. We are an equal opportunity employer.

We strive to build the world we want to see within our own studios and industry at large. We’re not all the same. And that’s our greatest strength. We draw on the differences in who we are, what we’ve experienced, and how we think. Because to create images and stories that serve everyone, we believe in including everyone.

Below is our commitment to our crew, partners and clients along with the initiatives we are undertaking in our studios.

Cinesite Initiatives: 

Access VFX

Cinesite is a proud member of Access VFX, a global, industry-led, non-profit comprised of 40 leading companies, industry bodies and educational establishments in the VFX, animation and games industries.

It focuses on actively pursuing and encouraging inclusion, diversity, awareness and opportunity under its four pillars of Inspiration, Education, Mentoring and Recruitment. 

The Access VFX  e-mentoring platform has 405 mentees signups. 68% of are from non-white backgrounds or female. The organisation only has 227 industry mentors signed-up. This is a massive imbalance. Do a good thing today. Become an Access VFX mentor. Sign up here – https://accessvfx.org/mentors

Women in VFX & Animation

We foster and encourage an inclusive approach by everyone who works with us and we’re constantly reviewing our practises and policies to make sure we’re doing the best we can.  We respect the work-life balance (not just family life but work-personal life) and are working to offer more flexibility to employees. Here are some of the ways we support women:

  • Flexible hours to allow parents time to drop off/pick up children from school
  • Flexible working during pregnancy, to avoid rush hours, or working remotely where possible
  • Comprehensive and generous maternity policies in all divisions
  • Crucially, we have processes and policies in place to ensure pay equity. In a male-dominated industry, we continue to work towards total gender equality and a 50/50 male to female/female-identifying work ratio. There is always more that we can do and we continue to reflect on where we can improve.
  • Cinesite is a proud supporter of Women In Animation – WIA


Cinesite is developing and implementing policies and practices that are more inclusive of our LGTBQIA2S+ community. Some of our current initiatives across our studios include:

  • Optional pronouns in email signatures:
    • Sharing of pronouns invites acknowledgement of gender identity
    • Sharing of pronouns normalizes pronoun usage throughout our organization
    • Sharing of pronouns creates a safe environment for vulnerable members of our community to share their gender identity
    • Sharing of pronouns curtails any assumptions around the gender identity of others
  • Gender neutral washrooms
  • Queer competency training
  • Respectful workplace training
  • Policies written through an LGBTQ lens
  • Support of QMUNITY and the IDAHOT breakfast


Neurodiversity is a relatively new term that many people may not yet know much about.

Neurodiversity refers to the different ways the brain can work and interpret information. It highlights that people naturally think about things differently. We have different interests and motivations, and are naturally better at some things and poorer at others.

Most people are neurotypical, meaning that the brain functions and processes information in the way society expects.

However, it is estimated that around 1 in 7 people (more than 15% of people in the UK) are neurodivergent, meaning that the brain functions, learns and processes information differently. Neurodivergence includes Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

Cinesite will always make reasonable adjustments across our studios and the individual’s role that will remove or minimise any disadvantage to them.


The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against or treat someone unfairly because of religion or belief, or their lack of religion or belief. Cinesite employees are given a safe place to practice their religious beliefs and they are protected from discrimination at all stages of employment including recruitment, workplace terms and conditions and dismissal.

Features of the protected characteristic of religion or belief include:

  • Employees are protected against discrimination because they have a religious faith or a philosophical belief, as well as because they don’t
  • No one religion or branch of a religion overrides another 
  • A philosophical belief must meet certain conditions including being a weighty and substantial aspect of human life, worthy of respect in a democratic society and not conflicting with the fundamental rights of others
  • All protected beliefs are equal – whether religious or philosophical.


We are continuously striving to learn more about the issues that impact our global community.

For a list of resources that we use in our own learning click here.