About Cinesite Animation

Cinesite Animation is a world-class feature animation studio. Our talented team collaborates with film-makers and IP owners to create animated feature films with the highest production values. We start with the best stories and ideas, taking them from the earliest stages of development and delivering animated films which delight audiences world-wide.

Since opening in 2014, we have completed several full-length feature films and our studios in Montreal and Vancouver are home to some of the most accomplished animators and movie-makers in the world. Chief Creative Officer Dave Rosenbaum joined from Illumination Entertainment in 2016, where he performed senior roles for classic animated features Despicable Me 1 & 2, The Lorax, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing.

We are currently bringing to life international stage phenomenon Riverdance, cinema legend Harold Lloyd and the classic Addams Family creepy clan.