Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting the Cinesite website. At Cinesite, we are committed to protecting your privacy online. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and take the handling and protection of your personal information seriously. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that it is processed in an adequate and secure manner.

Our pledge is to safeguard any personal information that you provide us, and to make every reasonable effort to use this information only as you choose.


Cinesite will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. Cinesite will not provide your personal information to any third party save where it is required to do so by law.

Cinesite may provide to third parties aggregate statistics concerning the use of the website. Such information will include no personally identifying information.

Script Submissions and Unsolicited Materials

Please be advised that Cinesite VFX Ltd and Cinesite Inc., together with its parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities (collectively, “Cinesite”) does not accept, read, consider or review, any unsolicited literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works of any kind including, without limitation, ideas, concepts, stories, characters, screenplays, teleplays, synopses, treatments, artwork, drawings, designs, musical compositions, software programs, video or audio reels, or any similar works (collectively, “Unsolicited Materials”). Any Unsolicited Materials received by Cinesite are deemed non-confidential and Cinesite assumes no liability, obligation or responsibility of any nature whatsoever in respect thereof (and we assume no obligation to return any Unsolicited Materials to the sender). We ask that you not send us any Unsolicited Materials. The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes where Cinesite’s existing audio-visual projects or other proprietary works might bear similarities to materials submitted to Cinesite.


Upon applying to Cinesite you will provide us with information about yourself which it will be necessary for us to process for all purposes relating to your potential employment. This information is taken from your application for employment (including any curriculum vitae, application form, showreel and accompanying documentation) and any subsequent updated and additional information you may provide.

You hereby agree that the personal information that you provide, together with any associated information which we may generate, may be used and processed by Cinesite to assess your application for employment and, in the event that you are subsequently employed by us, to administer your contract, pay and benefits, to manage and administer your employment generally, and to assist with monitoring the effectiveness of Cinesite’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

In the event that your application for employment is unsuccessful, we will destroy your application after 6 months.

You have the right to access your personal information, as well as the ability to correct it, upon written request to:

Human Resources, Cinesite, Medius House, 2 Sheraton Street, London, W1F 8BH.

By submitting data you are solely responsible for the accuracy of that information and should you wish to amend or delete any information you will need to notify us via

Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted at this location or, in the event of a material change, by notifying by e-mail all applicants whose personal information we have retained.

Should you have any further queries regarding this statement please feel free to email us at

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